Performance cruisers are an evolved form of cruisers. Traditional cruisers are expected to have loads of grunt at low revs, which makes cruising long distances easy. Performance cruisers are also expected to go quickly and go fast, while retaining all the trappings of a cruiser, including the chrome, the machismo and the comfort.

Itís the wind of the giants, of performance cruisers that are growing ever larger in size and displacement, and ever more powerful. If you still think of performance cruisers as lazy V-twins for a laid-back, easygoing sort of riding, these performance cruisers will blow you right out of your fringed leathers and fingerless gloves.

Youíre also doing some pretty cool, very large performance cruisers. On high-performance cruisers, the level of instrumentation may need to be ratcheted up several models for the boat to reach its full potential. She is a fantastic boat, one of the rare true performance cruisers.

There is no question that the performance of these boats is fantastic when compared to production 'performance' cruisers. Since many performance cruisers without water ballast now plane and in sufficient wind, on the down side of a swell, displacement hull sailboats surf which is a form of planing.

Aluminum cannot be molded into efficient shapes, so high performance cruisers are usually constructed from fiberglass or fiberglass-covered wood-strips, which can be formed into tight curves. Performance cruisers range from moderate to high priced, though there are enough used models around to encourage good deals.