What is tru divided lite?
True Divided Lites are individual panes of glass, held together by muntin bars. These windows are similar to those found in colonial times.

Our entry doors are custom manufactured so you can choose from a variety of options including custom door thickness, style and rail face dimensions, true divided lite patterns and a choice of seven stock beading profiles. And, of course, our entry doors may be manufactured in custom heights, widths and shapes according to your specifications.

From the look of a traditional French door with true divided lites and embossed lower panels, to the clean narrow lines of large contemporary panels, each and every Dynamic door is custom manufactured to simply the highest standards.Simulated Divided Lite units also have grilles in the airspace to match the appearance of True Divided Lite windows.

True divided lite windows are manufactured using essentially the same process as of the windows of yesterday. The most authentic and most expensive of the divided windows are wood windows with true divided lites. Because of their authentic nature, true divided lite windows have the advantage of unparalleled beauty.

While not at all a true divided lite, gridded windows still offer a very attractive alternative to more expensive wood windows with individual panes. Our divided lites are real true divided lites, never simulated. This feature allows re-glazing without replacing the whole sash. Authentic true divided lites are also more aesthetically pleasing than glue on bars.